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  • Orlando Battisti

    Founder of Ital Cycling Promotion and guide. Great experience as a travel agent and tour operator and a great passion for cycling since he was a child. Among the various trips made, a North Cape in 2016, and various tours with foreign tourists during the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France. He personally takes care of the management of Ital Cycling and how much he is present in his travels. For him the journey is more important than the destination!

  • Massimiliano Ramoni

    "Madmax” for his friends, he has always cultivated a passion for cycling and skiing. After a career in Multinational Companies he decided to collaborate with Ital Cycling and dedicate himself to the promotion and organization of travel, excursions and events supporting those who love an active holiday and challenges with himself. Motorcycle enthusiast and MTB guide. He has participated in various cycling competitions and in various motorcycle tours and nautical cruises. He makes available to the team his experience in project management, organizational skills and communication skills that have marked his previous professional career. His favorite phrase: "mature but not unmade".

  • Thomas Alexander Randall

    Qualified Tour Guide since 2001. With a Geography degree as well as a Masters in Mediterranean Archaeology, I got hooked on cycling through the excellent TV coverage years ago. If you can’t ride it yourself, what better way to see France, Italy and Spain than through the Grand Tour broadcasts? I now create, organise and lead trips to the top European cycling events, but always with a historical and cultural twist. I want you to really feel the country, not just the miles in the legs.

  • Mauro Rosati

    Lover of outdoor sports, skiing, motorcycling, cycling, road and MTB, with which he now travels about 10,000 km a year!
    On his bike he poured all his thirty years of experience as a travel organizer and motorcycle tour leader, "the journey by bike, with its times, enriches even more than the one on the bike!"
    He has planned and participated in major trips by bike to the North Cape, Greece and France: the Loire, Normandy and Brittany. Always working to study new itineraries and adventures.

  • Stefano Boggia

    A past as a professional cyclist converted to good food but still able to pedal for many kilometers (interspersed with some wine tasting) and participate in some cyclocross races. Always in the world of cycling as a bike and design inspector, trainer and cycling instructor for the Italian Cycling Federation and for British Cycling, biomechanical and traveler with an excellent knowledge of roads - paved and non - European.

  • Walter Iannaccone

    Also called "Chiappucci", because he never gives up, he is the mechanic who follows the various tours and provides assistance to the participants. He is also a cyclist, both on the road and off-road, when he has time he takes part in the cyclocross races. Great experience in route planning, often long distances, nothing puts him in trouble!  When necessary, it is also available as a bike guide. In the evening at dinner he is always present and even in front of a good dish he never gives up, as if he were in the race ...!

  • Diego Drago

    Tour leader of Region Piedmont and AMI, by offroad from '88, but also the road along the alpine hills does not disdain. Cycling tourism consultant, promoter of the territory, of products and typical dishes. Lover of cartography and photography and expert in the use of GPS. Lecturer at spot, qualified tour operator, with important experience gained as Product Bike Manager. Great connoisseur of the Susa Valley, the Moncenisio forts and the rest of Piedmont. MTB guide on the Via del Sale, between Liguria, Piedmont and France. Voluntary masseur and rescuer 118. Tunisia is also available for accompaniment abroad, MTB, Gran Canaria and Tenerife. In his free time he writes cycling guides, putting his multiple knowledge at the service of others. Preferred altitude: 2,700 m, ideal terrain: steep, dream in the drawer: Georgia on MTB. His motto is ... maifermi 🤟