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Ital Cycling Bike Tours offers you a road bike rental which is at a professional level.
The Superstar is Cinelli’s cutting-edge carbon fiber re-interpretation of the mythical Italian stage-racing bicycle that is the brand’s heritage and DNA.
Unlike other brands who each year offer bicycles with ever increasingly narrow scope of use, Cinelli, when developing the Superstar, obsessed over the way in which the inherent qualities of carbon fiber and its manufacturing processes could be employed to produce an aggressively contemporary version of the legendary versatility of the Italian Grand Tour ride quality i.e. the intelligent balance of low-weight, aggressive handling over highly varied terrain and long-distance riding comfort.


The K60 is the ideal model for those who switch to a carbon frame for the first time and wish to do so while being careful to optimize the quality / cost ratio. Also designed for cycle touring, the reactivity and stiffness of this bike will amaze you! The monocoque carbon frame weighing about 990 grams, is characterized by modern lines, in the name of cleanliness and elegance. 


When we first premiered the Factor O2, it was ridden to mountain top stage victories at the Tour de France and second place at Paris-Roubaix. As good as that version of the O2 proved to be, this revamped O2 is even better, thanks largely to improved manufacturing techniques that allow us to make the frame lighter, stronger, and more durable.

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