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  • The Camino de Santiago by bike

    Departure date: 16 Marzo 2020 - Return date: 22 Marzo 2020

    There were many roads that led to Santiago in ancient times. We started from home and the journey started. There were four routes that descended from Europe and all met at Roncesvalles. The most beaten path was and still is what is called the French Camino. It is the most popular route. It starts in the Pyrenees and proceeds along two variants that correspond to two different entry points: Roncesvalles (in Navarra) and Somport (in Aragon). The routes unify at the town of Puente la Reina, and then head towards Galicia through the territories of La Rioja and Castile and León. The path of the Camino de Santiago is well signposted. Although the original route constantly undergoes alterations due to the construction of new roads, parceling of land and the opening of motorways, there is no danger of getting lost because the signs are constantly kept clear and clear. Along the way, in the countryside and villages, the Way is marked by large yellow arrows, the most frequent and representative sign of the Way, and by milestones decorated by a stylized yellow shell on a blue background, symbol of the European Cultural Route . After Jerusalem and Rome, Santiago de Compostela is the third religious destination in the world. In addition, the way to Santiago and all the routes to reach it were declared in 1987 "European cultural itinerary" and in 1993 a World Heritage Site, awards that make it a fascinating journey for so many historical and cultural reasons that can go beyond the purely religious and tourist and religious. In short, it is a journey that, according to those who have already done it, must be undertaken at least once in a lifetime.

  • Israel bike tour

    Departure date: 21 Marzo 2020 - Return date: 28 Marzo 2020

    One of the "MUST" of this trip are the incredible wonders and natural beauties of the south, which offers breathtaking views, from sunrise to sunset. In the heart of the great Israeli Negev desert is the Ramon crater, the largest crater in the world generated by erosion, also known as Machtesh Ramon. Enclosed by a great variety of rocks of fantastic colors and shapes, this amazing natural phenomenon measures 40 km long and between 2 and 10 km wide, is shaped like an elongated heart and constitutes Israel's largest national park, the reserve natural of Ramon.

  • MTB Bike Tour in Georgia

    Departure date: 20 Giugno 2020 - Return date: 27 Giugno 2020

    A fantastic 8-day mountain bike tour in the Khevi region of Georgia. We will ride in the Caucasus mountains, visiting small remote villages, on medium-difficult paths, discovering uncontaminated lakes, springs and waterfalls, and tasting delicious traditional Georgian dishes.

  • Nordkapp by bike!

    Departure date: 09 Agosto 2020 - Return date: 16 Agosto 2020

    Only in the breath of the sea, in the contact with the nature of the Norwegian fjords, the famous painter Edvard Munch succeeded in appeasing his obsessions. A trip to the North Cape is not just a cycling adventure, it is above all a deep inner experience, which reassures the spirit and brings us closer to the important values of life. Let's start from the Lofoten Islands, UNESCO heritage, otherwise defined the "Arctic tropics", incredibly beaten by the hot current of the Gulf of Mexico, for a "three days" of incredible emotions driving and coasting fjords with white sandy beaches and waters limpid.

Bike Foreign Tour

Group tours organized abroad, to discover new and previously tested itineraries. Expected transport or air shipment of your bike. Accompanied by bike and assistance with luggage transport.