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  • Daccordi Cicli

    For more than 80 years we have been designing and building bicycles, with passion, for people who have passion. We do it handcrafted, in Italy, taking care of even the smallest detail with a sartorial approach and great attention to those who will ride the bike. We choose the materials, the construction techniques, the components and we modify the standard project to always meet the needs of our client, which is never identical to the previous one. Our bicycles want them to be fast, performing, reliable and they must be able to give their owners brilliant and sincere emotions for many years, without giving in to tiredness or going out of fashion. What drives us is the passion for the bicycle and for what it represents: from the competition on the road, to daily moving in a healthy and sustainable way, to the cycled journey. And even when all this winks at fat wheels and off-road. In Daccordi we like to observe the world with open curiosity, to help grow our skills and our talents, without stopping at acquired positions, dogmas or preconceptions. For all this we are committed to pursuing excellence every day, project after project, welding after welding, rider after rider.

  • Santini Cycling

    Pietro Santini founded Santini in 1965 after taking over a knitwear factory from his sisters. At first Santini was an artisan factory making clothes for others. But, fuelled by his deep passion for cycling and racing, Pietro made the choice to design and manufacture Santini products exclusively in Italy. Every garment we make is developed from scratch by our team of dedicated designers. All of them have a deep-rooted passion for cycling, triathlon, and running and, because every aspect of design is crucial, we invest a lot in materials research and development to make sure every piece in our collection is designed with specific user and riding conditions in mind – then engineered and manufactured to deliver the ultimate performance that World Champions demand. This ensures we make only the finest quality products, and enables us to develop innovative products quickly and efficiently, in-house, in Italy.


Organized visits to companies in the sector, from those that produce bicycles, to the production of technical clothing, to saddles, and to everything related to the cycling world.