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  • Montichiari Velodrome

    The Montichiari Velodrome site was created to bring the public closer to the discovery of a now extinct place. As in 1935, the Vigorelli in Milan


    SPEED: after any qualification, which measures the time to complete 200 m, the riders compete in two or three at a time, who wins the sprint to the next round.
    OLIMPYC SPEED: is a time trial race for teams of three runners that takes place over three laps of the track (2 runners for 2 rounds in the female categories), each runner is in a head lap. The team that runs three laps in the fastest time. The time is stopped at the passage of the first team member.
    KEIRIN: Runners start stacked behind a motorcycle, two laps from the end that is removed from the track and the riders face off in a sprint.
    KM STILL (500m FOR WOMEN) won the runner who runs as fast as the race distance, from a standing start.
    POINTS RACE: you dispute with milestones every 10 laps that assign 5,3,2,1 point the top four. Each lap gained the group is worth 20 points. After the test the player who has the most points. The revolution count is performed on the group. If one or more riders earn the round, they will still have to go all the turns that are missing the arrival of the main group to complete the test.
    SPRINT SERIES: follows the same rules of the race in the points, but earned tours are immaterial to the final classification.
    AMERICAN o MADISON: the ride takes place in pairs of runners who take turns whenever they meet. Aside from this, the test is then similar to the points race, for which there are milestones that assign scores. At the end of the race wins the pair who earned more laps on the group. At the same rpm, he wins the pair who got more points.
    DISPOSAL: at the end of each turn (except the first) is eliminated the runner who crosses the finish line last. Only in this test does not count the tangent to the front wheel, but that the rear wheel. however, in the final sprint to two wins who goes first to the finish line with the front wheel, as in all other speed tests.
    SCRATCH: is very similar to a road race, as the evidence has only one final goal. Vince who crosses the finish line first. The revolution count is carried out on the head of the race, so that if one or more runners earn a ride, also the group in order to reach the arrival will have to make the extended number of revolutions of those who have earned one.
    LAUNCHED ROUND: the player who makes the rounds of the fastest track in the case of couples race, the time is taken on the first rider to cross the finish line.
    TRACKING TEAM: is played with teams of more runners on an agreed distance depending on category. After a qualification based on the time taken to fulfill the established distance, the teams will compete one against one. At the start, the 2 teams are placed in two diametrically opposite points of the track and equidistant from each other. The team that reaches the other or the one which covers the predetermined path in the shortest time.
    PERSONAL TRACKING: takes place on an agreed distance depending on category. After a qualification based on the time taken to fulfill the established distance, the runners will compete one against one. The two athletes depart in two diametrically opposite points and equidistant between them. Vince who reaches the opponent or possibly those who travels a distance established in the shortest time.
    OMNIUM: discipline in which racers compete in various tests, each of which assigns a score (the score is assigned in ascending order, is therefore less as much as a runner is better classified in the test). The winner is the rider who gets the lowest score.


Organized visits and training in the most important velodromes in Italy. For groups, it is possible to program half days or whole days to get around the track and familiarize yourself with the velodrome.